27 July, 2011

Amy Whinehouse is dead

Rest in peace

20 July, 2011

Documentaries on Surgery for Male and Female genitalia

So each of these documentaries are an hour long, however if you ever had insecurities about your groin area, then I suggest watching the both of these. I never had a problem about it, but had to watch these documentaries in a class of mine. I warn you, this is for mature audiences only.

19 July, 2011

Typing Quickly on iDevices

The object of this game is to type the alphabet in ascending order in as little seconds as possible, iPod on top, iPad on the bottom

16 July, 2011

So I've jailbroke my iDevice... Now what?

Okay, so if you followed my post from earlier today, you have learned how to jailbreak any idevice running 4.3.3.. So if you jailbroke, it is near likely you have Cydia by now, this is good.

However, you may ask yourself, now what?

Well first, open up Cydia and take a look at the featured packages, these are usually the most popular tweaks and apps people have.

Lets go over thee basics;
MxTube - Download YouTube videos from your device
iFile - this is my favorite app, you can view the local files on your device, which is useful for many things I'll go into in the future
SBSettings - This plugin allows you to change various settings from anywhere on your device, including in the middle of apps
winterboard - custom themes
OpenSSH - Basically wireless usb tunneling

All of these plugins are amazing to use on any iDevice

I will post more tomorrow, take care :)

iPhone Jailbreak for firmware 4.3

Since the only thing I am good at involves Jailbreaking stuff and Tap Tap modding, I'm going to post tutorials on how to do that

For today: I'll go over Jailbreaking..

To Jailbreak your version 4.3 iDevice (including iPad 2s) simply visit Jailbreakme.com

More tutorials shall be posted shortly, or daily :)