30 January, 2011

Music Games

I have the tools to chart a song in Guitar Hero and Rock band and am interested in doing so. My only problem is I haven't a clue what song(s) to choose. Can anyone suggest a few songs that would be difficult to play in such games? Preferably good Progressive songs with fast guitarists.

25 January, 2011

Adobe CS5

So I'm downloading Adobe CS5 Suite right now, I cant wait, this software is expensive, but it will help in my graphics career. Also I got my new schedule. AP Psychology, AP Calculus, Marine Science 3, AP American History; any tips? Also if you have any Photoshop requests let me know!

18 January, 2011

If 6 Was 9 1st Ever Expert Drums FC

Wow, just Wow!

15 January, 2011

Not so good a day

After carefully observing the people on the streets and roads, I've come up with a number of issues most people have
  • General disrespect
  • No morals
  • Terrible influences
  • Similar actions, promoted by one group leader